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Welcome to the AHS Purchasing Center!

We at Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) highly value our partnership with our vendors and suppliers. Through creating long-term relationships to help us achieve our mission of sourcing the highest sustainable quality material on time and at the best price in all procurement activities, we aim to accomplish our vision “Caring with Passion … Serving with Pride”.

The Purchasing Section at AHS is responsible for the procurement of all materials and services needed by AHS and its multiple business units. All AHS procedures are governed by the procurement policies set by Abu Dhabi Health Services Co. “SEHA”, to ensure effective, equitable and transparent procurement activities. We treat all our vendors & suppliers fairly, equitably and without discrimination.

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Clearance & Declaration Request

To serve our suppliers better, and to shorten the time, Clearance & Declaration Request can be requested via e-mail, through and the supplier will be notified when the required Clearance / Declaration is issued.

Vendor Visits

To prevent interference with work schedules, visits by Vendors to AHS or its multiple business units is by appointment only. Appointments should be obtained from the Purchasing Section, considering note the following:

  1. Vendor Visits to AHS main office:
    • From Sunday to Thursday, between 9 am to 1 pm.
  2. Vendor Visits to AHS Health Centers:

Vendors or their representatives are prohibited from doing the following while at AHS facilities:

  • Be in any patient care areas unless needed for specific support tasks;
  • Participate in any direct or indirect patient care, or;
  • Sell products or services to patients or staff.
  • Give samples from any type to patient or staff.

Vendor Registration

Vendors / Suppliers must register or update their data in AHS suppliers list, by submitting the “Registration form” via e-mail, through

Tenders & Auctions

Vendors will be allowed to participate in the below mentioned Tenders/Auctions after paying the documents fees (if applicable) and collecting the Original stamped Tender/Auction documents before the Last date to purchase mentioned for each tender. Tender documents can be collected between 09:00 AM and 01:00 PM during official working days from the below address:

Purchasing Section,
Support Services Division,
Ambulatory Healthcare Services

 Tenders and Auctions List

AHS-AUC-05-2015Sale of Old and Damaged Furniture - Scrap8/23/20159/14/2015N/A - Last Date to Collect Documents: 9/3/2015
AHS-ITB-F-03-2015Supply and Installation of Medical Equipment8/9/20158/31/2015100 Dhs - Last Date to Purchase: 8/18/2015
AHS-ITB-D-10-2015Supply of dental consumables8/9/20158/31/2015500 AED - Last date to purchase 8/18/2015
AHS-AUC-04-2015Travel Agency Space Rental in Ambulatory Healthcare Services8/2/20158/31/2015N/A - Last date to purchase 8/13/2015
AHS-RFP-G-05-2015Price Agreement for Tailoring & Supply of Uniforms for Ambulatory Healthcare Services8/2/20159/7/20151000 AED - Last date to purchase 8/13/2015
AHS-RFP-IT06-2015Provision of Wireless Network For AHS Facilities7/20/20158/10/2015100 Dhs - Last Date to Purchase: 7/30/2015
AHS-AUC-02-2015Vending Machines Space Rental in AHS Health Centers in Abu Dhabi Island, Middle & Western Regions7/5/20158/3/2015N/A - Last Date to Purchase: 16/07/2015
AHS-AUC-03-2015Vending Machines Space Rental in AHS Health Centers in the Eastern Region of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi7/5/20158/3/2015N/A - Last Date to Purchase: 16/07/2015
AHS-RFP-G-042015Housekeeping and Pest Control Services for AHS Facilities7/5/20158/2/20155000 Dhs - Last Date to Purchase: 16/7/2015
AHS-ITB-M-08-2015Supply of Medical Consumables6/28/20157/20/2015500 Dhs - Last Date to Purchase: 7/9/2015
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